Headless Analytics for Data Teams

Autotrack all behavior
Access it directly via SQL

The easiest way to collect, and operationalize, granular first-party customer data.

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Setting up a first-party behavioral data pipeline with Lassoo in under 3 minutes.

What is Headless Analytics?

Headless Analytics is an architectural approach that decouples data collection from reporting. It focuses on the efficient ingestion, curation, reconciliation, and enrichment of data. Data teams can then use their preferred tools for reporting and activation, directly on the collected data, or after loading/streaming it to their data warehouse.

Benefits of Headless Analytics


Use your data wherever and however you need it

Headless analytics enables you to customize data retrieval based on precise requirements, and seamlessly integrate analytics into any application or platform.


Minimize data wrangling and preparation time

More than just a tracking SDK, headless analytics prepares your data for advanced use cases with features, classification and rollups built-in.

“Lassoo allowed us to fuel our media spend models with reconciled first-party behavioral data, giving us greater accuracy in our predictive capabilities.“

Why Lassoo Headless Analytics?

Deploy a granular first-party behavioral data pipeline in a just few minutes


Autotrack everything. No complex instrumentation required.

A single code snippet works in the background to track all customer behavior. You get granular first-party data, enriched and reconciled for use in your data projects.

SQL Access

Direct access via SQL. Zero API integration required.

Access your data directly using SQL. Use your data however, and wherever you want. Stream it to your data warehouse or directly connect your reporting tools. Compatible with every ETL tool.


Built-in governance to ensure data quality and compliance.

Easily ensure the quality and compliance of your data. Built in data governance capabilities give you confidence in your data, while helping you meet internal and governmental privacy requirements.

AI/ML Ready

Features and classification means less data prep required.

You get so much more than just a stream of raw event data. Built in features and classification help you execute on your advanced use cases faster.

Break the dependance on data exhaust

Reduce the risks of relying on black-box data sources and
minimize time-consuming and error-prone data wrangling

The Old Way

Relying on Data Exhaust

Attempting to combine and reconcile
behavioral data from 3rd party tools

  • Inconsistent structure / data models
  • Complex and fragile data pipelines
  • Time consuming and tedious “data wrangling”
  • Expensive data teams that get underutilized
  • Long lag time between collecting and actioning

The New Way

Lassoo Headless Analytics

Create and capture behavioral data when and
where it happens for use across your stack

  • Realtime, structured data that is clean, reconciled and enriched
  • 1st party data stream with total ownership and control
  • Data features and classification built-in for AI/ML use-cases
  • Effective and efficient use of data teams

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