The easiest way to unlock the power of your behavioral data

Lassoo headless analytics makes it easy to collect and use first-party behavioral data for better measurement, modeling, and customer experiences

Create behavioral customer data, no-coding required

Our tracking tag works seamlessly in the background, collecting all user interactions including clicks, field inputs, page views, video plays, and more.


Eliminate gaps in your behavioral data and reduce the dependency on development resources with Lassoo's auto-tracking capabilities

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Visual event builder for
contextualized data

Give your data context and meaning with Lassoo's visual event builder. Quickly label customer behaviors on your site, creating an event taxonomy within your own UI in just a few clicks.

Precision APIs

Take full control of your data collection with Lassoo's precision APIs. You can add customer traits programmatically from both client and server-side, including specialized canonical events for handling commerce and subscriptions.

Platform Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Lassoo into your ecommerce and ad platforms with one-click integrations. Start collecting behavioral data instantly without any technical heavy lifting.

Automatically enrich all your events with vital context

Every behavioral event is enriched with many contextual properties that are automatically attached and immediately available for analysis and activation.

Seamless identity resolution for enhanced customer understanding

Our built-in identity resolution system seamlessly stitches together customer data across all touchpoints, effortlessly transitioning anonymous visitors to known customers. Gain unparalleled visibility into the entire customer journey, enabling you to optimize the customer experience and drive business growth with informed decisions

Easily maintain data quality and compliance

Ensure the quality and governance of your customer behavioral data by easily controlling its creation. With Lassoo you maintain the cleanliness and compliance of your data, giving you confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your insights.

PII anonymization

Protect your customers' sensitive information and ensure compliance with government and corporate privacy regulations (GDPR,CCPA) by anonymizing PII at the source.

Input and traffic blacklisting

Keep your data clean and relevant by implementing configurable tracking rules that prevent the collection of sensitive customer information (PII) or non-relevant user data.

Traffic classification engine

Lassoo eliminates the confusion of messy UTM parameters and automatically classifies inbound traffic. Gain a better understanding of your customer journey and improve your marketing attribution effortlessly. By consistently classifying inbound traffic into channels and subchannels, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your customer experience and drive business growth.

Rapidly prototype reports and queries with unified data visualization and SQL generation

Agile report prototyping and SQL query generators help ensure faster time-to-value when leveraging your behavioral data across your stack. Lassoo's unified approach to data visualization and SQL generation streamlines the process for data scientists and analysts, enabling them to quickly explore and analyze data while generating starter queries for use in any data warehouse or BI tool.

Use your data where and when you need it

Direct SQL access to a simple and transparent schema

Get direct SQL access to your data at rest or stream it in real-time to your preferred data store. Lassoo seamlessly integrates with any ETL/ELT tool that supports PostgreSQL, giving you maximum flexibility in how you organize your data stack.

Simplify data engineering for AI/ML
with built-in features and classification

Lassoo's built-in feature and classification capabilities simplify data engineering efforts for advanced AI/ML use cases. By preparing data in advance, you can reduce the time and resources spent on data clensing and accelerate your path to AI/ML insights.

Let's put your data to work